If you want to target a big 100 pound plus Halibut, you found the right charter.  Our Halibut Charter departs from Valdez and travels out into the Gulf of Alaska, on a daily basis.  This is a 60 to 120 nm trip to the fishing grounds.   ORION CHARTERS specializes in long range, offshore, Gulf of Alaska fishing trips. We are fully licensed and insured for fishing offshore in the Gulf of Alaska. We have a fast, seaworthy, and dependable 34' twin diesel charter boat. We are experienced. Captain Dave Wiley has been fishing the North Gulf Coast and Prince William Sound for 25 years, and has completed over 2000 trips.

 We will try to put you on a spot that has the best opportunity to catch big halibut. We will not pressure our clients to keep small fish. You can catch and release until the end of the charter if you like.  Our charters target halibut.  They are not "combo trips".  This means that when the boat limits out on halibut we do not go to a different location to try to catch rock fish or ling cod.  However, you can keep any rockfish, ling cod or salmon as catch while halibut fishing as long as they are legal.   

Most of our clients like to participate in the Valdez halibut Derby.  The halibut derby generally runs from Memorial  day weekend to Labor day weekend.  The three largest halibut weighed-in receive cash prizes of 15k, 5k, and 2k.  The two biggest halibut each week also get prizes.  Each person that buys a derby ticket is entered in a drawing for a new 4x4 truck.  The derby tickets cost $10.


July 16,2009 A good days fishing in the Gulf.

Bonnie Woods 126.2# and Mathew Wests 152.8# halibuts June 2 , 2014 

We do not pressure our customers to retain small chicken Halibut.   We encourage release of healthy, undersize Halibut.   We like to target trophy sized barndoor Halibut to provide sport fishing excitement and to fill your freezer.  Normally, these big fish do not jump into the boat on their own, you have to earn them.   Most monster fish grow into monster size by living in areas that are inaccessible, undiscovered, or seldomly fished by commercial longline boats or other charter boats.  As another charter boat captain said "If you want to catch big fish on a consistent basis, you have to fish where nobody else fishes".

 Harvey Eckert's 233.8#/81" & 185.6# Halibut on 8/8/06  231.4#/80" Halibut 8/1/06 First Place week 12 - 2006 Derby

    We also encourage our customers to participate in the Valdez Halibut Derby.  Many of our clients like the competition associated with the $15,000.00 first place derby prize. After the initial fight and landing of a big halibut, the speculation of how much the fish will weigh on the certified derby scale is on everyone's mind. It is always exciting when the boat is bringing in a big fish that will potentially place on the leader board or top the current leader.  Of coarse, participation in the Derby allows sponsors to donate cash and prizes.  The more derby tickets that are sold the more cash and prizes that are available to the derby.  The more and bigger cash and prizes that are available, the more fisherman that will choose Valdez as their fishing destination.  Over the last several years almost 100% of our customers have participated in the Halibut Derby.  Over the last several years, Orion Charters has "landed" many of the weekly derby leaders as well as the following big fish:

                                                     DERBY FISH CAUGHT ON ORION CHARTERS

     * 2013 - 1st biggest halibut (325.0#), caught by Jim Culley Fairbanks, Alaska
     * 2012 - 3rd biggest halibut (233.0#), caught by Mike Burke of Henderson , Nevada
     * 2012 - 4th biggest halibut (227.6#), caught by Marvin Knapp of Gravois Mills, MO
     * 2011 - 3rd biggest halibut (214.8#), caught by James Pohlman of fairbanks Alaska
     * 2010 - 4th biggest halibut (209.1), caught by Ryan Maroney of Fairbanks Alaska
     * 2010 - 5th biggest halibut (200.7#), caught by Ron Gentry of Fairbanks, Alaska
     * 2010 - 6th biggest halibuit (199.5#), caught by Melody Dalbec of Fairbanks Alaska
     * 2009 - 1st biggest halibut (312.9#), caught by Steve Caverely of Eagle River, Alaska
     * 2009 - 6th biggest  halibut (208.2#) caught by David Paachocha of Fardance, MS
     * 2009 - 9th biggest halibut (201.1#) caught by Jason Trine of Fairbanks, Alaska
     * 2008 - 1st biggest halibut (251.5#), caught by Jon Vandervaart of Anchorage
     * 2007 - 4th biggest halibut (260.#), caught by,
     * 2007 - 6th biggest halibut(236.0#) caught by John Burke of Anchorage, Alaska   
     * 2007 - 7th biggest halibut(235.0#), caught by Ralph Dunkle of Rosemont, MN
     * 2007 - 8th biggest halibut(209.6#), caught by Terry Sacora
     * 2006 - 2nd biggest halibut (262.7#), caught by John Swindell of Indego, California,
     * 2006 - 6th biggest halibut (233.2#), caught by Harvey Eckert of Fairbanks,
     * 2006 - 7th biggest halibut (226.3#) caught by Taylor Brown of Cub, NY
     * 2006 - 9th biggest halibut (215.5#) caught by Dallas Ferguson of Fairbanks, Alaska
     * 2006 -11th biggest halibut (203.2#), caught by Alex Varona of Anchorage Alaska
     * 2005 - 5th biggest halibut  (268.4#), caught by Dave Szczcinski of Pennsylvania,   
     * 2005 - 7th biggest halibut  (253.4#), caught by Steve Shepard of Delta Junction,
     * 2005 -10th biggest halibut (215.0#), caught by Louis Milner of Anchorage, Alaska
     * 2005 - 12th biggest halibut (208.4#) caught by John Guthrie of Valdez, Alaska
     * 2003 - 1st biggest halibut  (251.0#), caught by Joe Prax of Valdez,
     * 2003 - 4th biggest halibut (230.7#), caught by Dale Kaiser of Fairbanks,
     * 2001 - 1st biggest halibut  (322.6#), caught by Larry Davis of North Pole,
     * 2000 - 2nd biggest halibut (280.0#), caught by Kelly McGovern of Anchorage,
     * 2000 - 3rd biggest halibut (250.0#), caught by Paul Casey of Valdez.

                   226.3#/80" caught on 8/10/06  by Taylor Brown             214.5#/80" caught on 8/13/06 by Dallas Ferguson  
                Second Place week 12 - 2006 Derby                                         Second Place week 13 - 2006 Derby  





We offer a variety of premium heavy tackle.  We normally carry multiple types of bait.  We have a big selection of "halibut" jigs.  We sometimes fish in adverse conditions.  We run farther and fish harder then other charters.  We put our clients on big fish spots, not chicken holes.  Most of our customers are avid fishermen who have been on the ocean many times before.  You should be in good physical condition to go on our charter.  This is not a charter for inexperienced  people, people with neck or back problems, elderly, or people who don't know if they really want to go or not.  There are plenty of other quality fishing charters for people with other expectations.

7/18/06 good day of fishing with 3 over 100# and a 171.5# Halibut

A good limit of halibut including Alex Verona's 203#/76" Halibut (front), 195#, 185# and some nice lingcod and rockfish.


Dave & Frieda Wiley
P.O. Box 3577
Valdez, AK 99686

EMAIL:      dave@orioncharters.com or

PHONE:              (907) 835-8610                         

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