You never know what kind of unusual fish might bite on your bait. Here are some of the unusual/rare fish that we have landed.

Hungry Halibut  most halibut caught on circle hooks will only take one bait.  We may catch a few halibut each year that take two hooks simultaneously.   In July on 2005 the halibut pictured below bit three hooks.  The halibut was around 120#.

Blue Ling Cod caught September 2005 in Gulf of Alaska.  The blue color phase of this Ling Cod is rare for the Valdez area.

Octopus caught July 2005 while halibut fishing in the Gulf - this one had 5' long arms


Squid2003a.JPG (6678 bytes) Squid caught July 2003 with a metal jig in Gulf of Alaska.                                      _                                                                                     










Wolf Eel:

Wolf Eel 2003a.JPG (25674 bytes) 
caught July 2003 in Gulf of Alaska
                             caught 07/05/05                   



090700EELwp.JPG (33115 bytes)  Giant Wrymoth caught 9/7/2000.  Caught in Prince William Sound.   Estimated size 60"/15#.  Eel was released.









Sleeper20012.JPG (47678 bytes)

Pacific Sleeper Shark
These fish are fairly unusual to catch while halibut fishing.  We have only landed several in our history.  Some of the commercial fishermen catch them more frequently in very deep water 1000 to 2000 feet around PWS. 



This is just a small one, some have been reported to reach over 20 feet in length. 
Sleeper Shark caught 7/14/2001, 68"/~80#


Sleeper Shark 2003a.JPG (31831 bytes)

This is a little bit bigger one approximately 8' long and 300#, we released this one after taking the picture.  It took three guys to lift it out of the boat.










A small version of a halibut, caught September 12, 2005



skate97a (44653 bytes)  Skate

In PWS, these are considered an unwanted "trash" fish, in the same catagory as grey cod, dog fish, Sculpin, Irish Lords or other poor quality fishes that sometimes hit your bait.  We try to avoid areas that contain these types of fish.




Small Skate (~4')





   Seastar95a (60792 bytes) 

These are not considered edible.




                  Seastar (20 Arms) 1997      







Sea Cucumber

Unknown Crab from halibut stomach



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