Halibut Fishing The Gulf Of Alaska


If you are interested in catching a Barndoor Halibut, then you found the right charter. Our Halibut charter travels out into the Gulf of Alaska into some of the best halibut fishing area anywhere.  Enjoy an incredible boat ride through Prince William Sound on the way to the fishing grounds.  Experience the wide variety of marine wildlife, glaciers, and spectacular scenery in this pristine environment. 

 Halibut fishing with Orion Charters is not just a boat ride to go catch a couple halibut and be back to the dock for lunch type trip.  Our charters are about 12 hours (6AM to 6PM) with 4 to 6 hours of cruising and 6 to 8 hours of fishing.  Most of our customers like to participate in the Valdez Halibut Derby.  Each week the two biggest halibut weighed in, and overall the top three fish will receive prizes. 

In addition to catching Halibut, you may also catch Ling Cod, Rockfish or Salmon depending on the time of year. 

Orion Charters - Captain Dave Wiley has 25 years and over 2000 days sport fishing halibut in the North Gulf Coast and Prince William Sound waters.   You can trust our experience to provide a safe, reliable, and enjoyable trip.


****** 2013 Valdez Halibut Derby Winner 1st Place - $15,000.00 ******

Jim Culley's  325.0#/87" Halibut caught July 21, 2013  1st Place Valdez Halibut Derby Winner



****** 2009 Valdez Halibut Derby Winner 1st Place - $15,000.00 ******

Steve Caverly's 312.9#/88" Halibut caught Aug 10, 2009.  1st Place Valdez Halibut Derby Winner


****** 2008 Valdez Halibut Derby Winner 1st Place - $15,000.00  ******

Jan VanderVaart's 251.5#/83" Halibut caught Aug 3, 2008.  1st Place Valdez Halibut Derby Winner

****** 2006 Valdez Halibut Derby 2nd Place - $5,000.00 Winner ******

262.7#/84" halibut caught by John Swindell of Indego California 8/29/2006
Other halibut include 215#/75", 200#/74", 2 x 63"/120#, 60"/100#, and 3 60-80#.


Dave & Frieda Wiley
P.O. Box 3577
Valdez, AK 99686

EMAIL:      dave@orioncharters.com or

PHONE:              (907) 835-8610                         

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